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   ● Construction works
   ● Project promotion

Construction works
Rebuilding and renovation of the Water Fort and its arming in indispensable media infrastructure. The fort lies in the Town Park, adjoining the town's centre. Restoration efforts will prevent advancing degradation of the fort and its complete destruction. The next step will be using the 447.12 square meters of space in the Water Fort’s buildings and creating infrastructure suitable for promotion, as well as tourism and cultural services – exhibition halls, gastronomy, trade and recreation. The building of an amphitheatrical scene is also plannes, it will be used for cultural events such as the “Nysa Stronghold Days”.
Revitalizing the two-storey St. Hedwig’s Bastion with, with 2 649.37 metres of space, placed in the city’s centre. The task will consist of arming the structure in needed media infrastructure and its renovation and putting into use. The structure’s convenient location in the town’s centre enables turning it into a culture, service and trade centre.
Project promotion
Various activities are planned as part of project promotion, including printing of publications on the cultural heritage of Nysa’s fortifications and related events, erecting informative and directional boards, organizing the outdoor event called “Nysa Stronghold Days 2008”, which will include a festive opening of the Nysa Stronghold Nature and Culture Park complex.
Additional project promotion elements are press articles and announcements, radio programmes, a photograph exhibition and a film presenting the realization of this endeavour. A web page is also open since 1st April, it promotes the realization of the project as well as the historical and sightseeing values of the Nysa Stronghold.


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