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   ● Technical support
   ● Project Initiation Group
   ● Construction works
   ● Project Engineer
   ● The Project’s Promotion

As a result of auctions held as part of the project, agreements were signed with the following contractors:

  • Technical Support – Biuro Inżynierskie Sp. Z o. o., Opole
  • Project Initiation Group Services – Miastoprojekt System Sp. z o. o., Wroclaw
  • Project promotion and advertising services – part II – Zakład Reklamowy Znaki pl, Otmuchów
  • Project promotion and advertising services – part I and parts III to VIII – Agencja Reklamowa TOMART, Nysa
  • Project Engineer Services – Zakład Remontowo Budowlany, Nysa
  • Construction works – AS-BUD sp. c. Szawełło Antoni, Szawełło Adam, Nysa

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