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The Nysa Commune’s project known as „The Nysa Stronghold Nature and Culture Park – stage I” nr Z/2.16/III/3.2/19/05 qualified for co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Integrated Operational Regional Development Program for the years 2004-2006, Priority 3 – Local Development, activity 3.2. – Regions for restructuring.
The project was given positive formal and content-related norms. After being debated at the Regional Steering Committee it was ranked first on the list. On 19th December 2005, the Opolskie Province Board granted the Nysa Commune 7 346 177 PLN for this project.

The project co-financing agreement no. Z/2.16/III/3.2/19/05/U/2/06 was signed with the Opole governor on 9th March 2006r.

1. Total project value according to agreement and appendixes – 8 883 577.59 PLN.
2. Co-financed value according to agreement and appendixes – 7 295 182.58 PLN, including:
-European Regional Development Fund – 6 436 824.83 PLN, which is 75% of qualified costs.
-state budget – 858 357.75 PLN, which is 10% of qualified costs.
3. Nysa Commune’s own input according to agreement and annexes – 1 588 395.01 PLN, which is 15%

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