European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days came into existence as a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and European Union. They are one of the most important cultural events aiming at historical and cultural education and promotion of regional heritage.

Poland has been taking part in this initiative since 1993 and it is one of 49 countries involved in this project. As a part of European Heritage Days all monuments and cultural places are open to the public. In addition numerous lectures, conferences and exhibitions are held.

  This year Nysa is playing host to the inauguration events of European Heritage Days in Opolskie voivodship  with  the leitmotif „To the rescue of monuments! On the trail of walled cities, castles and strongholds.”

As a part of the celebration at St. Hedwig Bastion screening of documentary films about history of Nysa, its monuments and eminent dwellers will take place. At 9.00 pm a fireworks display will light the sky.

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